Manslaughter 60-61

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Manslaughter 60-61


In 1981 Marianne Bachmeir, from Lubeck, West Germany, was in court watching the trial of Klaus Grabowski, who had murdered her 7 year-old daughter. Grabowski had a history of attacking children. During the trial, Frau Bachmeir pulled a Beretta 22 pistol from her handbag and fired eight bullets, six of which hit Grabowski, killing him. The defence said she had bought the pistol with the intention of committing suicide, but when she saw Grabowski in court she drew the pistol and pulled the trigger. She was found not guilty of murder, but was given six years imprisonment for manslaughter. West German newspapers reflected the opinion of millions of Germans that she should have been freed, calling her 'the avenging mother'.

Crime of Passion

Bernard Lewis, a thirty-six-old man, while preparing dinner became involved in an argument with his drunken wife. In a fit of a rage Lewis, using the kitchen knife with which he had been preparing the meal, stabbed and killed his wife. He immediately called for assistance, and readily confessed when the first patrolman appeared on the scene with the ambulance attendant. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The probation department's investigation indicated that Lewis was a rigid individual who never drank, worked regularly, and had no previous criminal record. His thirty-year-old deceased wife, and mother of three children, was a 'fine girl' when sober but was frequently drunk and on a number of occasions when intoxicated had left their small children unattended. After due consideration of the background of the offence and especially of the plight of the three motherless youngsters, the judge placed Lewis on probation so that he could work, support and take care of the children. On probation Lewis adjusted well, worked regularly, appeared to be devoted to the children, and a few years later was discharged as 'improved' from probation.


In 1952 two youths in Mitcham, London, decided to rob a dairy. They were Christopher Craig, aged 16, and Derek William Bentley, 19. During the robbery they were disturbed by Sydney Miles, a policeman. Craig produced a gun and killed the policeman. At that time Britain still had the death penalty for certain types of murder, including murder during a robbery. Because Craig was under 18, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Bently.-_who had never touched the gun, was over 18. He was hanged in 1953. The case was quoted by opponents of capital punishment, which was abolished in 1965.


In 1976 a drunk walked into a supermarket. When the manager asked him to leave, the drunk assaulted him, knocking out a tooth. A policeman 10 arrived and tried to stop the fight had his jaw broken. The drunk was fined 10 pounds.


In June 1980 Lady Isabel Bamett, a well-known TV personality was convicted of stealing a tin of tuna fish and a carton of cream, total value  87p, from a small shop. The case was given enormous publicity. She was fined 75 pounds and had to pay 200 pounds towards the cost of the case. A few days later she killed herself.


This is an example of a civil case rather than a criminal one. A man :2d taken out an insurance policy of l00,000 pounds on his life. The policy "25 due to expire at 3 o'clock on a certain day. The man was in serious financial difficulties, and at 2.30 on the expiry day he consulted his solicitor. He then went out and called a taxi. He asked the driver to make a note of the time, 2.50. He then shot himself. Suicide used not to cancel an insurance policy automatically. (It does nowadays.) The company refused to pay the man’s wife, and the courts supported them.


An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Judge not least you be judged.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Justice is nothing unless it is tempered with mercy.



В 1981 Мэрианн Бачмеир, от Lubeck, Западной Германии, была в суде, наблюдая суд над Klaus Grabowski, кто убил ее 7-летнюю дочь. Grabowski имел историю нападающих детей. В течение испытания(суда), фрау Бачмеир тянул Beretta 22 пистолета от ее сумочки и запустил восемь пуль, шесть из которых поражают Grabowski, убивая его. Защита сказала, что она купила пистолет с намерением совершить самоубийство, но когда она видела


Он тогда стрелял себя. Самоубийство имело обыкновение не отменять страховой полис автоматически. (Это делает в настоящее время.) компания отказалась платить жене человека(мужчины), и суды поддержали их.


Око за око и зуб за зуб.

Судья не в последнюю очередь Вы, быть оценен.

Каждый заслуживает второй шанс.

Правосудие не ничто, если это не умерено с милосердием.


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