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Ordeal стр. 115


Ordeal is a judgement of the truth of some claim or accusation by various means based on the belief that the outcome will reflect the .judgement of supernatural powers and that these powers will ensure the triumph of right. Although fatal consequences often attend an ordeal, ils purpose is not punitive.

The main types of ordeal are ordeals by divination, physical test, llnd battle. A Burmese ordeal by divination involves two parties being furnished with candles of equal size and lighted simultaneously; the owner or the candle that outlasts the other is adjudged to have won his cause. Another form of ordeal by divination is the appeal to the corpse for the discovery of its murderer

The ordeal by physical test, particularly by fire or water, is the most common. In Hindu codes a wife may be required to pass through fire to ­prove her fidelity to a jealous husband; traces of burning would be regarded          her  proof of guilt. The practice of dunking suspected witches was based on the notion that water, as the medium of baptism, would 'accept', or receive, the innocent and 'reject' the guilty. Court officials would tie the woman's feet and hands together and then drop her into some deep water. If she went straight to the bottom and drowned, it was a sure sign that she wasn't a witch. On the other hand, if she didn't sink and just bobbed around for a while, the law said she was to be condemned as a witch.

In ordeal by combat, or ritual combat, the victor is said to win not by his own strength but because supernatural powers have intervened on the side of the right, as in the duel in the European Middle Ages in which the judgement of God’ was thought to determine the winner if still alive after the combat? The loser might be hanged or burner for a criminal offence or have a nand cut off and property confiscated in civil actions.



Испытание - суждение правды некоторого требования(заявления) или обвинения различными средствами, основанными на вере, что результат отразит суждение сверхествественных полномочий и что эти полномочия будут гарантировать триумф права. Хотя фатальные последствия часто посещают испытание, ils цель не является карательным.


Проигравший мог бы вешаться или горелка для уголовного преступления или отключить(отрезать) не - и и собственность, конфискованную в гражданских исках.


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