The Fear of Jury Duty 117

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The Fear of Jury Duty 117

The Fear of Jury Duty

For Americans, serving jury duty has always been a dreaded chore. There is plenty of history behind this fear. In colonial days, jurors were locked in a small room with no ventilation and were denied food and water in an attempt to inspire a quick verdict. If the jurors returned with the wrong decisions, they too were charged with a crime. As more and more laws were passed, the rules of evidence expanded and trials became longer, which resulted in more technical and increasingly boring hours for jurors. Trial lawyers have tried 10 change the boredom by replacing endless hours of testimony with computer animation, video reconstructions, color charts and graphics to better explain the evidence.

The judicial system depends on juries. The United States Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to a trial by jury of their peers. When summoned for jury duty, Americans should look upon it as an opportunity to serve their country, their community, and their fellow citizens.

Each year, over 5 million Americans are summoned for jury duty to render verdicts in approximately 120,000 trials.

Prospective jurors are chosen at random from voter registration lists.

When people are chosen for jury duty, they are often shown a video tape explaining the jury system or given a HANDBOOK ON JURY SERVICE.


Опасение относительно Гражданской обязанности быть присяжным

Для Американцев, обслуживая гражданскую обязанность быть присяжным всегда была страшная хозяйственная работа. Есть множество истории позади этого опасения. В колониальные дни, присяжные заседатели были заперты в маленькой комнате(месте) без вентиляции и были отрицаемым(отклоненным) продовольствием и водой в попытке вдохновить быстрый приговор. Если присяжные заседатели возвратились с неправильными решениями



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