the jury of britain

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the jury of britain

criminal offence; acquitted; challenge; civil cases; convicted; disqualified; liable for; ownership of property; randomly; right of appeal; evidence; judiciary; verdict; unanimous; undertake

Trial by jury is an ancient and important feature of English justice. Although it has declined in ______ _____  (except for libel and fraud), it is the main element in criminal trials in the crown court. Jury membership was once linked to the ______ _____ which resulted in male and middle-class dominance. But now most categories of British residents are obliged to _________   jury service when summoned. Before the start of a criminal trial in the crown court, 12 jurors arc, chosen from a list of some 30 names ______selected from local electoral registers. They listen to the _______ at the trial and give their verdict on the facts, after having been isolated in a separate room for their deliberations. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the ______ may be 'guilty' or 'not guilty' , the latter resulting in acquittal. Until 1967 the verdict had to be _____     . But now the judge will accept a majority verdict after the jury has deliberated for more than two hours provided that, in the normal jury of 12 people, there are no more than two dissenters. In Scotland the jury's verdict may be 'guilty', 'not guilty' or 'not proven'; the accused is ______ if either of the last two verdicts is given. As a general rule no one may be    without corroborated evidence from at least two sources."             If the jury acquits the defendant, the prosecution has no ______ _____and the defendant cannot be tried again for the same offence. A jury is independent of the _________. Any attempt to interferewith a jury is a _____ _____. Potential jurors are put on a panel before the start of the trial. In England and Wales the prosecution and the' defence may ______ individual jurors on the panel, giving reasons for doing so. In Scotland the prosecution or defence may challenge up to three jurors without reason. In Northern Ireland each defendant has the right to challenge up to 12 potential jurors without giving a reason. People between the ages of 18 and 70 (65 in Scotland) whose name appear on the electoral register, with certain exceptions, are  ______ _____jury service and their names are chosen at random. Ineligible people include, for example, judges and people who have within the previous ten years been members of the legal profession or the police, prison or probation services. People convicted of certain offences within the previous ten years cannot serve on a jury. Anyone who has received a prison sentence of five years or more is _____ for life.

уголовное преступление; оправданный; вызов; гражданские дела; признанный виновным; дисквалифицированный; ответственный за; собственность собственности; беспорядочно; право обжалования; свидетельство; судебная власть; приговор; единодушный; предпринять


Испытание жюри - древняя и важная особенность английского правосудия. Хотя это уменьшилось в


Люди, признанные виновным в определенных преступлениях в течение предыдущих десяти лет, не могут служить на жюри. Любой, кто получил тюремный срок пяти лет или больше - _____ для жизни.


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