The uk forensic science service

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The uk forensic science service

The uk forensic science service

The forensic science service (fss) serves the administration of justice in England and wales by providing scientific support in the investigation of crime, and by giving evidence to courts. Its customers include the police, the crown prosecution service, coroners and defense solicitors.

In february 1995 the uk government announced that the fss would ,merge  with the metropolitan police forensic science laboratory to form a single agency serving all police forces in england and wales through seven regional operational laboratories.

scientific expertise is available on a case-by-case basis to law enforcement agencies and attorneys. The service provides assistance to home and overseas police forces in the investigation of many crimes, particularly fires where arson is suspected, cases involving dna profiling and offences involving the use of firearms. The scientists have a wide range of experience in fire-scene examination, including fatal fires in domestic premises, large industrial fires and vehicle fires

Dna profiling is a revolutionary scientific testing process which can positively identify an individual from a specimen of blood, semen, hair roots or tissue. Its application to crime specimens represents the greatest advance in forensic science in decades. The vast potential of dna profiling is recognised by the police and the legal profession, and its use in criminal investigation has increased.

Thousands of firearms

The forensic science service provides advice on firearms and related

Matters and assistance in the investigation of shooting incidents. When presented with a suspect weapon, the expert is able to establish whether or not it was the weapon used in a crime. Experts are particularly adept in the microscopic examination of spent bullets and cartridge cases. They have access to a world-famous computer-based information systems relating to

The service offers training to overseas scientists which is of a general

Nature or is aimed at specific techniques such as dna profiling or examination of firearms and documents. Training is provided on note taking, searching, report writing and expert witness appearances in court. Contact is maintained with other institutions and universities in britain and other countries.


Британское судебное обслуживание(служба) науки

Судебное обслуживание(служба) науки (фс) обслуживает отправление правосудия в Англии и Уэльсе, обеспечивая научную поддержку в исследовании(расследовании) преступления, и давая показания к судам.


Характер(Природа) или нацелен на определенные методы типа dna, копировального или экспертизы огнестрельного оружия и документов. Обучение обеспечено на взятии примечания, поиске, письме сообщения и приличиях(появлениях) свидетеля - эксперта в суде. Контакт обслужен(поддержан) с другими учреждениями и университетами в Великобритании и других странах.


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